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Flying Safely

Flying your Drone safely means being aware of the rules and regulations that govern your type of Drone and activity, as well as your ability to control the Drone safely. Flying Drones commercially has a different, but overlapping, set of rules from flying Drones recreationally. Here are some links to Australian Government web sites with information about Safe Drone Flying in Australia;


Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA)

Note that the maximum fine in Australia for not following the rules is $10,500 so make sure you know the rules before you fly.

CASA have produced a series of Drone Flight Safety Videos that explain and illustrate the rules of Safe Flying. Find them here >> CASA Videos

To make sure you can Fly your Drone at your location, and identify any No Fly zones, refer to this link

>> Can I Fly My Drone There 

or else get the App;




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