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Our Story

Hello and Welcome to Southern Sun Adventure Photographics. I am so glad that you found us.

I am Mick Woods, Managing Director of Southern Sun Adventure Photographics.

I’ve been a teacher of Science and Technology most of my life but needed a change of direction and wanted to do something else where I can still help people to learn and develop. Having flown model aircraft and been out adventuring in the great Australian Outback, on and off for most of my life, it seemed natural to get into something that used my knowledge, skills and interests.

Southern Sun Adventure Photographics, retailing mostly Drones, Backpacks and Action Cameras, has evolved to this point and seems a natural direction for me. My technology bent and RC aircraft experience, with teaching skills, places me in a great position to assist you to either get into Drones with confidence or to expand your knowledge and skills. We are always learning: As am I!

Our Goal at Southern Sun Adventure Photographics is to provide you with a selection of good quality Drones, Backpacks and Bags,  and Action Cameras.

"Live Life Creatively” is our catch phrase at Southern Sun Adventure Photographics. To us this embodies the desire to have an interesting life and to pursue the built in Creativity that we all possess. Aerial Photography Drones are an ultimate creativity machine with huge possibilities. And, you can do many other things with Drones as well, like check your farm, or your construction site, or go fishing, and even help rescue people.

We Aim to find the best quality Drones for you, backed up with a range of spares and accessories, as well as stylish and practical backpacks, and also Action Cameras for those who need a small and sturdy camera to record their adventures.

Find a great product in our shop and we’ll have it delivered right to your door, as fast as we can and at the lowest shipping rate; sometimes free!

"Thanks Again for visiting Southern Sun Adventure Photographics".


"Live Life Creatively!"

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