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Beginner and Selfie Drones

Some Drones will help you create great images while some are for racing. This collection is our selection of Drones to help you learn to be a great pilot so when you get serious with your aerial photography you can place your drone exactly where you want it. These Drones generally have a lower price and so are a little more expendable in your training and learning. Most have cameras, some are pretty good, so you can practice your aerial photography as well.

They are GREAT FUN! Get out there. Have a ball!

Already There? Want to move up to the Serious Aerial Photography Drones? 

Go On! You Deserve It.

$117.95 AUD $97.95 AUD

JJRC H38WH COMBO X RTF Drone with WiFi FPV 2MP Camera

499 of 500 Sold

$27.95 AUD $25.95 AUD

JJRC H48 Mini Drone with 6 Axis 2.4Gh WiFi with Remote Control

1994 of 2000 Sold

$318.00 AUD $295.00 AUD

DJI Tello Extra Fun Pack

90 of 100 Sold

$117.95 AUD

Eachine Tiny QX95 Micro Racing Drone

80 of 100 Sold

$216.95 AUD $183.95 AUD

Hubsan H107D X4 Drone/Quadcopter with FPV Camera

88 of 100 Sold

$169.00 AUD $165.00 AUD


94 of 100 Sold

$100.25 AUD

Cheerson CX-10SE Pocket Drone

595 of 600 Sold