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Buying your First Drone

Buying your First Drone
So you’ve decided to buy a drone. You only need to do the tiniest bit of research to realise that there are a multitude of drone brands and models at prices from about $50 AUD up to almost the skies the limit….. well over $5000. Where do you start?
These are the basic features needed for a fun and positive drone experience;
  • A GPS – to stabilise position
  • Barometer - to stabilise height
  • A separate controller/transmitter or a good iOS/Android App for your Smartphone - to give precise control
  • Headless Mode - so you don't have to worry about which way is the front.
  • Flight time longer than about 10 minutes per battery OR multiple batteries available – to allow good flight practice.
  • Resilient body and peripheral parts – just in case you have a minor mishap.
  • Availability of Spare Parts – to repair minor mishaps.
  • Availablity of Accessories – to add to or enhance your experience.
Oct 07, 2018

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