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Apr 04, 2018 0 comments

How creative are you?

"Not very", many will say.

I beg to disagree. Do you decorate your room, your house, your face, your body, your work place? Do you go to special places to capture images?.... you get it? Yes, we are all creative! Humans are born Creative, so why don't all of us Live Life Creatively

CrePicasso Paintingativity can happen in various and sometimes complex and intriguing ways. Not everyone is a Picasso or Leonardo or Namatjera. Some of us can only aspire to create images like Ansell Adams or Annie Leibovitz. That doesn't mean we are not creative.

But what is creativity?

The dictionary defines creativity as the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness! Have a good think. When was the last time you had to be inventive or creative to achieve a result. I'll bet it wasn't all that long ago; I mean hours or days! I'll also bet that you probably didn't have to think too hard, and it may well have happened automatically. That's how we humans are. Creativity comes out of need. The need to do something effectively, like build a cupboard, or perhaps the need to express your feelings in a more artistic way.

Creativity may depend on the tools, ideas and stimuli on hand at that moment. Take for example the person trundling along the beach for a walk at the end of the day. Ambling along deep in thought they look up to see a fantastic sunset happening. What would you do?  Alot of us these days would whip out the mobile phone and take a few snaps. Somewhere in your head you remember the rule of thirds, or the golden ratio, but some may not. Either way, good images may happen because the stimulus was right, the tools were on hand and you suddenly see a great idea for photographing the sunset. Bingo! You have been Creative. Didn't take much effort did it? You might even return the next evening to get more shots, from different angles. 

Now not all artistic pursuits happen like that. Some take alot more planning and alot more tools and alot more effort. The more good gear you have, the more learning you do and the more time you spend will only improve your creative outcomes.

One of the main blockers to creativity is our own silly self confidence or lack of it. How many time have you heard, "I couldn't do that!"

Hey, take it from a person who used to be quite shy, no one is really looking unless you attract their attention. The good news is that if you find a creative pursuit that suits you, and you plan and equip appropriately your inner creativity will develop naturally. Again from my own experience, I used to think I had the artistic creativity of a snail. Maybe it was that lack of self confidence. Push through the block and get out there. People will begin to look at you for all the right reasons; because you are being creative.

Live Life Creatively

Our catchline at Southern Sun Adventure Photographics is Live Life Creatively! Diane and I now pursue that credo. We've had some failures, but persistance pays off. You should see the excellent natural shell art that DI is creating; just because she gave it a go. Natural Shell ArtSure the tools and materials are on hand in our beachside community, but she gave it a go. Give your child a camera and send them into the back yard to get 5 images, but don't tell them what to capture. You will be surprised at what they come back with. Just let them be inventive. Be inventive yourself. Enjoy the journey. Creativity is about the journey as well as the product itself.



We can all LIve Life Creatively. Just get out there and keep an open mind on a challenge that you have; ideas will come!



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