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Live Life Creatively

Our catchline at Southern Sun Adventure Photographics is Live Life Creatively! Diane and I now pursue that credo. We've had some failures, but persistance pays off. You should see the excellent natural shell art that DI is creating; just because she gave it a go. Sure the tools and materials are on hand in our beachside community, but she gave it a go. Give your child a camera and send them into the back yard to get 5 images, but don't tell them what to capture. You will be surprised at what they come back with. Just let them be inventive. Be inventive yourself. Enjoy the journey. Creativity is about the journey as well as the product itself.

We can all LIve Life Creatively. Just get out there and keep an open mind on a challenge that you have; ideas will come!

Apr 04, 2018 0 comments

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